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While we do have many beaded dresses in stock, most of the styles shown below will be beaded to order. Before we bead your dress, we will send you the dress without any beading to make sure you like it and it fits well prior to applying the crystals.

At that point, it is still fully returnable if you are not satisfied - once the dress is beaded and shipped back to you, the dress is not returnable.

So you will get your plain dress shipped within a few days of your order being placed, and then you should try it on, make sure you like it and that it fits well, then pop it back in the mail to us for beading. If there is any issue with the dress regarding fit, etc. just give us a call and perhaps it can be altered for you prior to beading (charges may apply for alteration).
As always we can be reached by phone with any questions or concerns at 800-417-0773.

More styles of beaded dresses are available under the Made To Order Tab
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Design Z49-D13B7 Design Z49-D13B7
Regular Price: $405.00
Design D90/Z61A Design D90/Z61A
Sale Price: $397.25
Design D47C/D77B/N10 Design D47C/D77B/N10
Sale Price: $489.00
Design D89/Z59 Design D89/Z59
Sale Price: $607.00
Design D85/Z43A Design D85/Z43A
Sale Price: $402.95
Design D13B8-N17A Design D13B8-N17A
Regular Price: $550.00
Design D13B8-N17 Design D13B8-N17
Regular Price: $625.00
Design D47C-D77B-Z67 Design D47C-D77B-Z67
Sale Price: $672.25
Design D68-Z14 Design D68-Z14
Regular Price: $445.00
Design D71/Z9B Design D71/Z9B
Sale Price: $432.75
Design D76-Z25B Design D76-Z25B
Sale Price: $402.75
Design D77B-Z60 Design D77B-Z60
Sale Price: $367.25
Design D86-Z44 Design D86-Z44
Sale Price: $440.00
Design D88-Z66 Design D88-Z66
Sale Price: $632.25
Design D88a-Z66 Design D88a-Z66
Sale Price: $782.25
Design D90-Z61 Design D90-Z61
Sale Price: $422.25
Design D90-N6 Design D90-N6
Sale Price: $422.25
Design D91-N11A Design D91-N11A
Sale Price: $357.75
Design D93-N2 Design D93-N2
Sale Price: $377.25
Design D30B/N30 Design D30B/N30
Sale Price: $385.95
Design D47B-TR-N35 Design D47B-TR-N35
Regular Price: $470.00
Design D79A-Z58A Design D79A-Z58A
Sale Price: $332.25
Design D82A-N22 Design D82A-N22
Sale Price: $537.75
Design D83-Z39 Design D83-Z39
Sale Price: $332.75
Design D95-Z65 Design D95-Z65
Sale Price: $362.25