Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I order the dress without the beading?

Yes, at del arbour, we make our incredible figure skating outfits by hand. This means that if you don’t want beading, we will not add it to your order. However, if you’d like to incorporate Swarovski beading into your outfit to make it stand out, we will bead your dress by hand.

  1. I am in between sizes, how do I know which is the correct size for me?

At del arbour, we’re committed to our customers. If you find yourself in-between the figure skating outfit sizes we offer, you can participate in our personal shopper’s experience. When you participate in the personal shopper’s experience, we will send you multiple sizes of your chosen dress. Find the dress that fits the best, and we’ll happily make any needed alterations to ensure a comfortable, functional fit. Additionally, we include a pinning kit with the sample dresses allowing you to fit the garments to your size.

  1. How long before I have to return my order? 

We will accept returns on orders within 30 days of placement. That being said, we only accept unworn garments with the tags intact. And garment with beading work is non-refundable.

  1. What address do I use to return my order?

To return a garment from del arbour, ensure that you’re returning it within 30 days of the order being placed. Then, simply make the shipment out to ‘The del arbour team’ and send it our address as follows:

152 Old Gate Lane
Milford, CT 06460

  1. Can I change the color of my order? 

Absolutely! del arbour is committed to providing our clients the figure skating garments they need. If you’d like a different color garment after you’ve placed your order, submit a request within the 24 hours following your order’s placement. There will be no extra charge for colors we have in stock, and we can provide custom colorings for a $30.00 charge.

  1. Do you ship overseas? 

del arbour is committed to supply our amazing figure skating garments to all those who want them. This means we’ll happily ship our products internationally!

  1. How long for a stock dress to ship? 

Unbeaded stock varieties of our figure skating garments are usually shipped within one to two weeks. If it’s a beaded variety of our stock dresses, it will most often take three or more weeks because all beaded dresses are beaded by hand.

  1. Do you offer teams discounts?

Yes, we do! We offer a 10% discount for team orders. Outfit your team in del arbour garments today!

  1. Do you work with small teams?

Of course! We work with teams of all sizes. If you have questions about outfitting your figure skating team in del arbour garments, please contact us today!

  1. Who do I contact for custom designs?

When you’re ready for a custom figure skating outfit from del arbour, fill out our contact form with general information regarding your vision and needs. Then in one to two days, you’ll be contacted by our design team to flesh out your outfit and recieve your free consultation.

  1. What price does a true custom start at?

Our wholly custom figure skating designs start at $850.00. Base outfits are charged for based on design, materials, and intricacy. Any custom beading work will be an additional charge, as it is done completely by hand and with genuine Swarovski crystals.